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Swedish Cleaning Cloths – 10 pack

😍😍😍 Oh yes, it’s time for Mr. HW and his black “Dexter” gloves… 🤣. This man is FUSSY… oh em gee, I’m certain he cleans more than I do. I won’t lie…. I’m not offended that he feels the need to beat me to the sink to load the dishwasher and clean the cutting board. 🤣 He poo-pood the Swedish Cloths UNTIL he actually used them. Now, he’s looking for them all the time. “Where are those Swedish things I like?” 🧐 “Ummm, in the same spot they’ve been in for months…” 😆

They come in a pack of TEN so you can use some for the kitchen, bathroom and give one or two to the Mister for the garage. My environmentally conscious teen loves that they are machine washable. YES, just throw them in the machine! Mr. HW loves that they can be used to clean dishes, counters, floors and his stainless appliances without it getting scratched. And when he took one with him to clean the interior of his car, THAT’s when I knew they were as fantastic as I thought. 🤩

Use them with your favorite cleaner or with just water. After I clean with them I rinse them in the sink and dry over the faucet or sink. After a day or two they find their way to the laundry room. Mr. HW (and his gloves) give the Swedish Dish Cloths two thumbs up! 👍


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